Consumer Fraud and Securities Fraud

Fraud arises in many different contexts, but regardless of the context, fraud almost always involves a material misrepresentation.

For example, a car salesman might commit fraud if he lies to you about a car having a new transmission to make a sale, and you rely on that misrepresentation in choosing to buy the car. Similarly, an owner of a privately-held company might commit fraud if he makes a representation to you about the fair market value of the shares of his company in connection with an offer to sell part of the company to you, but knows that the fair market value is less than he represented.

Regardless of the situation, we have experience representing people who have been harmed by relying on the misrepresentations of others, as well as representing people who have been accused of making material misrepresentations.

For more information about our work in consumer and securities fraud cases, contact Jacobson Press P.C.

Attorneys: Joe Jacobson, Matt Vianello

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