It is not uncommon for a case to take years to get to trial. During that time, the parties are conducting discovery, taking depositions, and arguing motions, all in preparation for trial, the final battle in the parties' years-long dispute. After years of litigating a case, the goal is to be the most prepared, which means knowing your case, knowing your opponent's case, and being in a position to anticipate and plan for your opponent's next move. But no matter how prepared you are, it is inevitable that things will happen during the course of a trial that you did not anticipate. This page shares some of our stories about those unexpected moments and other stories from the trenches.

Press to become Of Counsel

Founding shareholder Allen Press has become “of counsel” to the law firm September 16, 2022. Allen has been engaged in the practice of law as a trial lawyer, appellate lawyer, and business advisor for 30 years. Allen is nationally known for his representation of airline pilots and pilot groups and automobile franchisees, and has also…

We moved our offices, but only about five blocks

Jacobson Press P.C. moved its offices across Clayton to 222 South Central Avenue. Our new offices are less than one block from the front door of the Saint Louis County Courthouse and directly across the street from the Clayton Metrolink Station. Our office are on the fifth floor, Suite 550. There is validated parking for…

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