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Bruce R. Bartlett

Phone: (314) 899-9792
Fax: (314) 899-0282
Bruce Bartlett has significant civil litigation experience and has represented clients over a vast range of legal disciplines. He has obtained substantial jury verdicts on behalf of individuals sustaining catastrophic injuries. He has represented cli… Read More
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Matt Vianello

Phone: (314) 899-9793
Fax: (314) 899-0282
Matt Vianello represents clients in complex commercial and general civil litigation in both state and federal courts across the country. Matt is routinely called on by elected officials, political parties, and campaign committees to provide advice in… Read More
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Allen Press

Phone: (314) 899-9791
Fax: (314) 899-0282
Allen Press can be found in courts from New Jersey to Detroit to Long Island representing the airline pilots and automobile dealers who have made him their top choice for counsel from across the United States. It is Allen’s hard work, persisten… Read More
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Joe Jacobson

Phone: (314) 899-9790
Fax: (314) 899-0282
Joe Jacobson has been practicing law in St. Louis since 1986, except for three years early in his career when he practiced in Washington, D.C. His primary focus is on civil appeals and business disputes, but he also performs transactional work relati… Read More
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