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Jacobson Press P.C. is a firm of experienced trial lawyers. Our lawyers have collectively over 90 years of courtroom experience. We have prepared and tried complicated civil and business lawsuits in state and Federal courts throughout the country. We have argued appeals in the Missouri Supreme

Court, the Missouri Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Federal Circuits. And when lawyers in Missouri need help with complex matters, they frequently call the lawyers at Jacobson Press P.C.


July 2019

Matt Vianello settled a case in the United States Court of Federal Claims for $125,000 on behalf of a client injured by a flu vaccine.

December 2018

After a nine-day jury trial in the St. Louis County Circuit Court, Joe Jacobson and Matt Vianello obtained a unanimous verdict on behalf of four investors who were defrauded, resulting in a judgment in excess of $2 million.

October 2018

Allen Press successfully defended two homeowners who were sued for fraud in connection with the sale of their house at the Lake of the Ozarks. The plaintiffs claimed that Allen’s clients had fraudulently failed to disclose wood rot to exterior walls of the house. The jury rejected that claim, and awarded nothing to the plaintiffs.

July 2018

Joe Jacobson represented a group of limited partners who sued their general partner for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty after the general partner breached the partnership agreement. The Missouri Supreme Court unanimously affirmed a jury verdict and judgment awarding the limited partners $5.6 million. Joe Jacobson tried the case and briefed and argued the appeal. The case is Heifetz v. Apex Clayton, Inc., 554 S.W.3d 389 (Mo. 2018).

April 2018

The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District reversed (ruled in our clients’ favor) a trial court’s entry of a directed verdict against our clients, who were tentative purchasers of an automobile dealership. Joe Jacobson briefed and argued the appeal.

December 2017

Matt Vianello and Allen Press tried a four-day jury trial in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Matt and Allen’s client sold a customer over $400,000 in steel pipe but the customer claimed it did not order the pipe and refused to pay. The jury returned a unanimous verdict for Matt and Allen’s client, and a judgment was entered awarding actual damages, interest, and attorney fees.

November 2015

Allen Press successfully prosecuted a case on behalf of a local lawyer who sued his former law partner for breach of contract in connection with the dissolution of their law firm. The parties waived a jury trial, and the judge handling the case awarded Allen’s client 100% of the amount he claimed. Allen tried the case in 2015 in Franklin County, Missouri. 

War Stories

After years of litigating a case, the goal is to be the most prepared, which means knowing your case, knowing your opponent's case, and being in a position to anticipate and plan for your opponent's next move. But no matter how prepared you are, it is inevitable that things will happen during the course of a trial that you did not anticipate. Click below to read some of our stories about those unexpected moments and other stories from the trenches.

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